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Our company has been producing quality traditional Turkish Tahin Halwa, Sesame Oil, Boiled Grape Juice and Turkish delights since 1965 like handmade special laceworks. Best Quality and hygiene is our first and continuous principle since our first establisment.
The basic principle of healthy life is to have a nutritional habit based on natural products. However, we live in a world where finding natural products is really difficult. So, the adventure of Saygin Natural and real food has started when three experienced idealists met in 2014 in order to secure your health and purify your tables which are contaminated by biologically and chemically. Saygin Natural and Real food is at your table with healthy products and respectful trade moral/understanding, · Eco-friendly production methods · No GMO · Nonhybridized · No artificial or chemical sweetener, colorant, thickener.
Our story began in 2004 with a missing feeling for our mothers’ homemade jams. We started production on the basis of natural homemade jams. From the very first day of our production, we added new and different flavors to our product group without any change in quality. Our main goal was to manufacture products acccording to the international standards as well as progress in quality policies and continoues success. Customer satisfaction as our point of view, we do our best to join the most healthiest flavors we take from nature with the end user. Along with this, we are growing day by day by openning new doors in exports. We are exporting to many markets all over the world having already proved our quality. To be preferred and selected by selling points in the region with our products and service quality. To continue and protect our products’ taste and quality from the past to the present with our “natural non-additive products” slogan
Founded as a family business in 2003, Probin Construction Co. LLC. Construction and contracting accomplished a success. They decided to establish a jam production and packaging plant in Bingol Organize Industry Zone. After starting the construction of the factory building and obtaining the necessary legal permissions for purchasing the machine after the construction of the factory building in late 2009, the production started to be sold in all markets and grocery stores with the Lizaz registered brand at the end of 2011.Our company Lizaz the taste of the biscuits and the neighboring illusions were given to the dealers in a short time and they started exporting again. Hygienic conditions are produced in facilities with ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 quality certificates. Do not repeat to enjoy the breakfasts Our company is helping local and regional fruit growers to make continuous research so that repeat repetition is indispensable. Our company, which aims to be a pioneer in new entrepreneurs, continues to grow steadily with continuous research and development to be the best in the sector.
* **ERGUL SEKERLEME was founded in 1977 and has been doing this work for years. Our company is continuing its way by increasing the production with the knowledge and experience of the past and the participation of the third generation and the modern facilities of today.